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Experiencing visions of a mythical land throughout childhood, you are guided to a kingdom ruled by the fae. Responsible for a pact made long ago by your ancestors, Arthur & Guinevere Pendragon, you must now earn Belief and the respect of their gods to secure your ticket back home.

INSPIRISLES is a completely original all ages Tabletop RPG promoting storytellingempathy and Deaf awareness with an emphasis on cooperation.

  • Play as teens gifted extraordinary powers. 
  • Meet famous characters and fearsome creatures from Celtic folklore. 
  • Work together to heal an ailing land and restore a fractured kingdom. 
  • Learn British and American sign language as you cast spells, solve puzzles and battle monsters.

This project came about after running my teen Dungeons & Dragons group Hatchlings for over a year. I wanted to create something for them, something they could have a hand in building, and something I could take beyond the group to use in schools and communities as a workshop tool. Inspirisles is the result of this: a game for all ages that reflects my interest in mythology and my ongoing work with the Deaf community.

With Inspirisles, we are especially encouraging parents, educators and tabletop beginners to invest in our game. Many of us have fond memories of 80s fantasy classics such as The NeverEnding Story & Labyrinth. Inspirisles aims to capture some of that nostalgic magic and transport its older participants back to a more carefree and imaginative time. 

Inspirisles features a unique system we have called Shaping. It allows participants to engage with Deaf culture and learn sign language (ASL and BSL included). It also forms the dice mechanic at the heart of the game, where our Pendragons will wield the elements to fight Disbelief (our negative force) and heal the World Tree.

Inspirisles encourages teamwork at every turn. Only by Shaping can the party overcome the tests of our game. Belief Barriers are non-combative tests where our Pendragons must think up ways their elements can solve puzzles. Disbelief Battles are combative tests, where our Pendragons must pit their elements against a dangerous opponent.  

For the most fun, we recommend running the game with five players. One player volunteers to be the Grail Guide (GG), whilst the others form a party of Pendragons. It’s the Guide’s role to describe the Islands, plan the Questing Days (adventures) and give voice to the many characters and creatures the Pendragons will meet. We recommend the role to an adult or confident storyteller.

Sessions typically run 2-3 hours and can feature anything from a series of intense battles to a relaxing afternoon of downtime.

Beyond Shaping, Inspirisles offers everything enthusiasts have come to expect from a modern TTRPG. Alongside the natural benefits of roleplaying, we have wholesome character creation, a simple but engaging 3d6 rolling mechanic, an intuitive guide for planning and running sessions, exhaustive story prompts, robust safety tools and disability inclusion throughout.

The World Tree is in trouble. Disbelief has spread to its roots and before long it will wither and die. Long ago, your ancestor Guinevere Pendragon made a pact with the fae of these Islands. Her spirit will now guide her descendents through the All's Well portal and have them earn enough Belief to bring the Tree back to life. 

As Pendragons, you are tasked with honouring Guinevere's pact, but how you fulfil this is entirely up to you. Travel to wondrous locations, from the glowing caverns of Miasma to the icy mountains of Rofang. Meet communities of Friends, from the inventive Piskies to the spiritual Giantheld. Become apprentices to the Inspired (gods) and learn their trades such as glassblowing at Kilna's forge. And face powerful foes such as the banished wyrms hoarding vast sums of Belief in their Underisles lairs.

Find over 200 pages, including...

  • A history of the Islands and their inhabitants. 
  • Pendragon character creation.
  • Sign language tutorials, including Deaf awareness tips and a strong introduction taking you from the fingerspelling alphabet to your first conversations.
  • A fun 3d6 dice rolling system.
  • How to run sessions as the Grail Guide and plan Questing Days using storytelling archetypes.
  • A host of worldbuilding inspirations, including vibrant locations, ways of earning Belief, festivals, famous Friends and foes and a menagerie of fae creatures.
  • A starter Questing Day: ‘Friends in High Places'. 
  • Stunning full-colour illustrations from cover to cover, featuring dozens of diverse characters by Lucille Nual and a myriad of creatures, locations and intricate knot art by Josh Somerville.
  • Dyslexia friendly fonts to prioritise accessibility
  • Sensitivity reading and safety tools, including a consent questionnaire, reflection mechanic and X card.
  • Full colour or B&W versions of the Pendragon sheet, and sign language material by Ashley Grace for both American and British players.

Inspirisles launches with video tutorials covering all sign language material for ASL and BSL. They have been lovingly produced and performed by my Deaf colleagues Rajnie Kaur and Katy White. Find the link to these on page 39 of your PDF or hardcover.

As well as our video tutorials, all sign language and Deaf awareness elements have been consulted on by our Deaf colleagues at the charity and our interpreter contact in the US whose 1st language is ASL.

In purchasing Inspirisles, you also get our first anthology of 9 Questing Days, Shapes of Adventure. This collection was written by members of our passionate discord community and features new sign language material by Ashley Grace (she/her) and this new cover by Josh Somerville (he/him).

Lovely article here by the popular UK tabletop news and review site, Dicebreaker.

Youtube review by Dave Thaumavore.

If you would like to review  or demonstrate our unique game for your article, podcast or stream, please send your interest to hatchlingsgames.co.uk 

For a hardcover copy, head to www.hatchlingsgames.co.uk if in the UK or https://www.indiepressrevolution.com/xcart/Inspirisles-Print-PDF.html if in the US. 


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Hello, I'm completely enamored by this amazing game/learning aid you've made and would love to use it in my attempts to learn ASL in a "learn while you play" kind of way, especially since I'm on the autism spectrum with a keen interest in TTRPGs and I truly believe this would help me a bunch. That said, I'm not able afford it. I was wondering if you planned to offer any more community copies? You'd truly make my year if you did but I understand if you're not able/willing to. Thank you for creating this piece of gem either way!


Totally in love!


Hi! I’m an elementary educator and was wondering about whether you plan to offer community copies. If nothing else, this would help me with my path of learning to sign! I understand if not but it never hurts to ask. Thanks!!

community copies available! 

I backed this on kickstarter, and I have been signing for 40 years. I love that it is included in this game. Beautiful, thank you!


This is very cool.. I just started taking an ASL course and I am excited to discover this. Thank you for making this.


I sincerely don't know how to describe this game. It's such a magical, imaginative and imersive experience, being it creating the session or the characters, and everything about it is so well made and necessary. From its worldbuilding to its art and ideas, I really can't recommend this game enough. Even if you don't like RPGs, or if you don't like fantasy stories, this one is really important: to children, teenagers, adults and people of all ages. It's a wonderful opportunity to not only learn about a very neglected topic (sign language and deaf culture), but also create and live different stories about themes like hope, despair and companionship. I can't thank the creators enough for providing me the chance to experience this game, who are also very kind and considerate. I can't wait for your next projects and ideas. Thank you so much for this game.


Hello, I've added your book to Goodreads. I'll read it at some point in the future, and post a review there. I'll let you know when I've done so!



You should play this game, it's very nice and informative : ) 


I like this game but I cannot pay for it, could you please make some community  copies?I really want to try this!!!!!!!!



Done! 50 copies available. 




Is there any way to purchase a physical copy after the Kickstarter being done? I'd love love love a physical copy of this game, it looks beautiful and would be amazing to have!

We’ll be selling the physical copies from late August through our website in the UK and Indie Press Revolution in the US. Or you can still get everything here: https://overisles.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders


I adore the art! I never realised, but it makes a huge difference to have the signs drawn in a beautiful art style. I was very glad to see that you consulted with someone who's first language is ASL. I was wondering if you did the same for BSL? Looking forward to playing this!


Yes, our BSL consultant is a Deaf sign language tutor. Glad you like the sign presentation. We’ve had some lovely feedback about the style and especially the prompts for movement. 


Awesome! Super super looking forward to playing now!


Are the games mechanics dependant on the sign language ? Could one hack it for another sign language ? Tbh, I'm not very acknowledgeable of the differences between foreign sign languages. It would be for FSL (French)

No the sign language isn’t mandatory and isn’t tied to any levelling or bonuses. We made it this way, as some people simply cannot use sign language. You could definitely hack it for FSL or other languages and we’re looking at licensing for other countries, but it needs to be done right with Deaf consultancy and a new artist. 


I'm so excited to play this! I'm minoring in ASL and I'm so hyped to use this to study in a better way for me 


Hello, sorry to bother, but do you plan to post community copies again someday? I really liked the game, but GBP is really expensive in my country, and I would love to show this to my mom, whom has deaf students. Thank you for the comprehension, and I totally understand if you don't plan to post community copies anymore :)

If your mom is an educator, she can receive a free PDF anyway. Email me at hatchlingdm@gmail.com  and I'll send you over a key for the download. :) 

Thank you so much, I'll review it as soon as possible :)


Would rate this game 10/10!


Thank you so, so much for your inclusivity and using pronouns for characters. It's appreciated.


As a deafened teacher, who runs/DMs our  school RPG club, I feel like this game has been made specifically for me, it's amazing. I am currently learning BSL to gain my Level 1 and this is going to help me practice while playing and teach others to use BSL. 

Also the artwork is ADORABLE, I'm happy just scrolling through the pdf, can't wait for my hard copy!

Thank you so so much for this game. 

You're more than welcome! Thank you for the lovely message and I hope the kids really enjoy the experience.

I am a therapist in Florida exploring the use of games such as this in the therapy setting. I have seen many D&D games played already. Is there a video of a game session with this game being played that I can watch? Thanks for the help.

Hi yeah there are only a couple, but will be far more this year. 


This is such a beautifully and lovingly crafted game, in every aspect, from the art to the writing to the mechanics which all weave together to create something that is inspiring, enabling and inclusive. The creators obviously have a deep understanding of how to make ttrpgs a fun, safe, welcoming and enabling hobby for everyone. I played this with a group of children aged 7 - 14, some of whom had Special Needs, and what really shone for us was the way the game nurtures collaborative storytelling and teamwork, while providing for those who struggle with those things. The integrated tools for ensuring safety, comfort  and opportunities for time-out were invaluable and used many times. The sign language is so seamlessly woven into the game that the children learnt it almost without realising - I even had to ask them to 'please stop practicing their magic shapes for a while?' at 3am! XD An absolute GEM of a game and a joy to play for all ages and needs.


I played this game with my kid, and I have to say, it was amazing.  My kid is only 3yo, but he was able to pick up the mechanics quickly, and it has helped him (and me) pick up a little sign language... plus, it's just straight up fun and looks beautiful. 

I have a full review below, and I am very excited for Overisles!!



I just discovered this game today because of a promo for Overisles on Backerkit.  How would I purchase a printed copy?

Please wait for the Overisles KS launching Feb 27th. You’ll be able to buy hardcovers of both games. 

Any update on when the printed copies will be available?

Waiting on shipping from China. Will update here and on KS when we have dates. 


This game is awesome 5* rating, I would recommend 100%! All the best!


As someone trying to learn sign language the ability to integrate that learning into my favourite hobby is really helpful for learning. The art is beautiful and the game mechanics are well thought out. A really wonderful game you've put together.

Thank you so much! You’re words are so encouraging. 


I made a review video of this game that gives an overview of the rules and setting, along with my opinion at the end. Spoiler alert: I really like this game.

Is the book being sold in physical print or just pdf? I'd love to get a hardback.


Should be on our storefront late July.


Is there any status update on this? I work at a library and would love to get this into a circulating kit that patrons could check out.

waiting on shipping which is a logistical nightmare right now. I’ll update everyone as soon as the physical copies are available. 

Will it be possible for local game stores to purchase physical copies wholesale? My local shop wants to promote this. Loving the game, thanks for all your hard work!

In the process of printing now. Will set up with a distributor as soon as Kickstarter fulfilment is complete. We’ll let everyone know as soon as copies are available. 

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It looks great! I can't wait to play it!!


Thanks so much!


Been waiting to learn BSL after learning ASL in high school since I have a cleft palate thought it would be cool to learn different sign languages since I couldn't really learn other languages.


I adore this game. From the world to mechanics to accessibility to art, it's just one brilliant package of wholesome.

Thanks ☺️


5 Stars for the sign language integration alone! Just wonderful!


As a nerdy person with many deaf and hard of hearing friends, I have always wished to drag them by force into my tabletop addiction, thank you for giving the perfect intro game for them. I cant wait for its official release!


Thank you for your kind comments. We’re so glad it might bring you all together. This hobby is the best! 


I've been barely containing my excitement since the kickstarter finished, very much looking forward to this hitting my doorstep SOON!! <3 


We can't wait to get it to you! Not long now.


Logistic Question, do players use both ASL and BSL in the game? Or is there a version to just use one or the other? 


It comes with both included, which means you can use either depending on your preferred learning. It also always for mixed groups because the mechanical applications are identical. Thirdly, it allows those versed in one to learn the other. 

Hope that clears things up. 
Best wishes,


I cant wait to be able to play it is there going to be away to get it even if you didn't do the kickstarter?

Oh absolutely. It'll be here for pdf download in June. Then in July we'll have printed versions available.

Okay great!! Can't wait!

Oh you guys are UK based too? I only just found out about this through the Dicebreaker but I hope to get a physical copy and play lots of this system aha

(1 edit)

Yes, we're just outside Bristol. Can't wait to get it to you in June


I can't beleive I missed this  game on Kickstarter!!! I would love to get a hardcopy if someone cancels their order, is their a waiting list? Or can we still order hard copys anywhere?? 


Don’t fret, we’ll be sorting out the hardcopies for July. They’ll either be on our own storefront at www.hatchlingsdm.com or with a publisher. We’ll let everyone know here and on Twitter @HatchlingDM

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but will there be a physical book released outside of the Kickstarter in the UK?

Yes, probably in July through our website or a publishers. I’ll keep you updated here. 


This looks WONDERFUL. I run D&D for therapy and social/emotional learning and this looks like a really wonderful thing to bring into sessions! I can't wait for the release!


Thanks. The Therapeutic benefits of roleplaying are fascinating to me. 


I'd be down for a chat sometime if you are.  :)


Me, too!! Can't wait to get a copy and test it out!


This looks amazing! So excited to see the final product.




Can't wait


Thanks for following!


This is a beautiful page. Very appealing


Thank you! Was up till 2am tweaking it 😂. Always the same when you're learning something new.